Diversity in the Industry

This week I am trying to change the scope of my work to not just women in the industry but diversity as a whole. Companies are aware of the lack of diversity among their employees but are taking little to no steps to change that. What they are failing to realize is by diversifying their workforce it makes the company stronger.

Having a diverse workforce from a variety of backgrounds brings new understandings of life, different solutions to hard questions, and a variety of fresh perspectives. This all contributes to innovative and creative solutions in a competitive market.

People of color make up nearly one-third of today’s labor force; women make up 47 percent; gay and transgender workers make up 7 percent.

“At PwC, we believe in confronting the hard realities—and then doing something about it,” said Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ diversity division led by Maria Castañón Moats,“…If you cannot answer the diversity question clearly and favorably when it is asked in the recruiting process, young people are going to choose to work elsewhere.”

It’s true. Why would I want to work for someone who is simple-minded in their hiring process? Personally, I think that says something about the work they produce (simple-minded). Companies need to capitalize on the need of diversification in the workforce, especially with a younger generation that highly value diversity.





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