Why There’s a Lack of Women CEOs in the PR Industry


Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer speaks with Pattis Sellers of Fortune Magazine on November 27, 2012 at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Dinner (Photo by Don Feria/Getty Images for Fortune.). (Photo by Don Feria/Getty Images for Fortune.

I want you to search “business leader” right now. What do you see? Is it predominantly pictures of men or women?  With women being the majority of the public relations industry, it is shocking to believe that men hold the majority of the higher positions. Why are there so many men as CEOs rather than women? It’s not that these corporations can’t find qualified females for the position, rather it is the lack of trying to diversify within the company. There are no female CEOs in the top ten PR agencies but there is a lack of women CEOs across all industries. Only 12 of the Fortune 500 companies are run by women.

“There are still people who don’t think a woman can do the job as well as a man, no question,” says Di Maria, VP of corporate public relations and advertising at GE Capital. “Women just have to go in and steamroll over them.”

Corporations that lack diversity, especially gender, lack integrity. This is the 21st century why is this still an issue? There are women highly-qualified for these positions, more than ever before. Now I understand that men are considered underrepresented in PR but it is this industry that is leading the next generation to equality in the workforce.

Women face an immense amount of scrutiny in the workforce. They are sexualized and always have to be “put together” to be considered professional. I don’t know if the workplace will ever be rid of sexual dynamics but shouldn’t people take into consideration what women have to go through? If anything, the women who make it to the executive positions in corporations should be highly considered for the position of a CEO because of what they had to go through. Women need to have thick skin and determination to get them where they want to go in this industry, which I find personally more valuable in the workplace than basic leadership skills.

In addition, women are often attacked if they have a family and are in the workforce. It is either they spend too much time in the office and not enough time caring for their family, or the other way around. Honestly, either way, people will have something to say. It comes as a natural instinct to want to be there for your family, so why are women being scrutinized for taking care of their family and working? If women spend time in the workforce they are just being an example for their children that men aren’t always the breadwinner. Women who grew up with a working mother tend to have more powerful jobs than women whose mothers stayed home to care for them and did not work. In the United States, women with working mothers make 23 percent more than women whose mothers did not work. If anything, it shows that they can balance numerous thing but can put what’s important first. What comes after family is work, that’s how it is for most people BUT work can also be your other family.




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