Why Women Dominate the PR Industry

Despite popular belief, the Sex and the City character, Samantha Jones, is not the reason why women flock to the public relations industry. Public relations is not about opening up the hottest new clubs, rather it is an extremely difficult job being a critical role for various organizations. Jobs for public relations are growing at 12 percent a year which comes with a pay that women wouldn’t get elsewhere. Female PR specialists make on average of $55,705, while the national average for female workers is $37,232.

Studies have proven that women are mainly drawn to PR because they are collaborative and social in group settings, necessary skills for PR. For female leaders to be perceived as effective, they need to demonstrate both sensitivity and strength; while male leaders only need to demonstrate strength.

“Studies have shown that women tend to collaborate more and prefer to work on teams, whereas men usually do better in competitive environments and prefer to fly solo. That male approach works well for journalists, while having a bit of a ‘people-pleaser’ gene probably attracts and/or makes it easier for women to excel in the PR environment,” said Jennifer Hellickson, director of marketing at SweatGuru in Portland, Oregon in an interview with The Atlantic.



Besides skill sets, women are also drawn to the PR industry because of its flexibility. Women can still be that stay at home mom and have a full-time job because some work doesn’t require you to be physically in the office.

The rise of women in the PR industry happened for a number of reasons and it will continue to grow. Could it be that because it is such a female-dominated field, women see it as a greater opportunity to hold a high-level position? Do women find empowerment in the PR industry, is that why they gravitate towards it? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Why Women Dominate the PR Industry

  1. Wow, I never knew that women in PR make more than the average job. I have always been drawn to PR because of its relevance within our generation and the collaboration of social group settings. Over the past four years, as we have been studying and learning the in’s and out’s of journalism, the demand for PR has drastically increased throughout the nation. This post was very insightful, as it provided a different perspective as to why women are so interested in public relations. I never knew the exact percentage in which PR is growing each year, so I found that very interesting and useful. As we continue to learn more about the field, we will be able to find our individual niche in public relations and hopefully find a job within that niche after graduation.


  2. Great post! Honestly I wasn’t aware of the compensation for female PR professionals and I loved the comparison to the average female salary. I think women are empowered by the industry because it is female dominate. But I think it also stems from the fact that public relations industry is booming due to social media, while traditional print journalism is going in the opposite direction.


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