Welcome to Faranism PR


Photo by: Niuton May

Good day,
Welcome to Faraism PR. My name is Mikaela Farasyn. I have never made a blog, wrote for a blog or kept a blog until now. I am excited to finally try it because this is an opportunity for me to express my work interests at the same time allow me to express myself. So I am going to dive head first into it.I love PR..specifically nonprofit PR.

It’s a passion of mine that was cultivated when I was a senior year in high school. When I was 14, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, a form of childhood arthritis. I stayed optimistic through it by using dance as my therapy. I continued my asserted optimistic character and was recognized for it in 2010. I was the Grand Marshal for the Bend Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis, raising awareness and being an example that children and teenagers can be diagnosed with arthritis too. Then as a high school senior, I joined the public relations committee for the event. I helped manage the social media sites and acted as a primary spokesperson for the event. It was covered by the Bend Bulletin and had a record number of participants. It entered me into the world of PR.

If you look at my resume right now, it’s almost all nonprofit PR work. Although recently, I have decided to dabble in other subjects of PR such as food and beverage, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. This blog is my opportunity learn and grow in a different area of PR. On this blog, I want to talk about a subject that we can all learn from – feminism, female empowerment, and women in PR.  The blog PR in your Pajamas has inspired me to dive into this subject. I became interested in this subject through obvious reasons being I am a woman in the workforce. It is a subject that is spoken passionately about in our generation but not specifically in PR. For the next ten weeks, I will be exploring this subject and learning along the way about women power roles in the PR industry. I want to dedicate a blog to women in the PR Industry.

What can you learn from this blog? The PR Industry is dominated by women. Anywhere from 60 to 85 percent of PR workers are women and they hold half of the field’s managerial positions according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The PR industry is leading the way to equality, as an empowering career for women. The premise of this blog will be centered around promoting and being a place for women in the PR Industry.

Faranism Public Relations comes from my last name, plus feminism, plus PR – the three things that will make up this blog. I am excited to explore this subject and have the opportunity to talk about it along the way.

So here it is – Faranism Public Relations. Cheers to women in PR!